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Shop Navratna Pendant Online

Buy navratna pendant online with vorra fashion. The popularity of navratna jewellery is steadily increasing for its attractiveness and spiritual benefits. Navratna jewellery can be dated back to its appearance in our vedic scriptures.

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Importance of Navratna Pendants

Navratna literally means nine gems. The nine gemstones are worn together in a piece of jewellery – say a rings, pendants or earrings. Among them, navratna pendant online have huge demand among customers. With the rising demand, there are many jewelers offering navratna pendants in mumbai, pune and all around India.

Navratna jewellery is a traditional jewellery collection associated with astrological and spiritual significance.  Each of the navratna gemstones is associated with a particular celestial object (navagraha).
•    Ruby (dedicated to the Sun)
•    Pearl (dedicated to the Moon)
•    Red Coral (dedicated to Mars)
•    Emerald (dedicated to Mercury)
•    Yellow Sapphire (dedicated to Jupiter)
•    Diamond (dedicated to Venus)
•    Blue Sapphire (dedicated to Saturn)
•    Hessonite (dedicated to Rahu, the ascending lunar node)
•    Cat’s Eye (dedicated to Ketu, the descending lunar node)

Each of the navratna gemstones affects a particular navagraha. When worn together, they are believed to have powers to influence the wearer’s health, prosperity, peace of mind and happiness. For the astrological benefits they possess, they are popular as navratna pendants in mumbai, Pune and all across the country.

Because of its powers, Navratna pendant was worn as talismans and Navratna pendants online in India by royals. The influence spread to other asian countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma and Indonesia.

Benefits of Navratna Pendant Online

Navratna pendants in India have been associated with many astrological benefits. Here is how they can benefit your life.
•    According to astrology, the position of planets keeps changing. The malefic effects of the planet can be balanced by the navratna gemstones.
•    Protective shield for various diseases such as blood-related ailments etc.
•    To strengthen mental health and tackle depression
•    Improve in career and creativity
•    Help strengthen your love life
•    Protects from misfortune and strengthens material wealth.

Buy Navratna Pendant Online In India

The traditional Navratna jewellery has been given a modern and chic twist in the navratna pendants collection in India. Taking the traditional nine gemstones, the pendants are crafted in floral and other contemporary designs. With the combination of dual gold tones – white gold and yellow gold, the navratna pendants have a glamorous feel. Today casual pendants are also popular in India.

These pendants can be paired with both traditional Indian and Indo-Western outfits. These are giving you adorable look that makes you unique compare to others. So, try our latest collection of pendants available in India with Vorra fashion online jewellery store.

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