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Vorrafashion presents a unique collection of turquoise bracelet in sterling silver CZ jewellery. Our turquoise bracelet collection features cuff bracelets, Salman Khan Bracelet, elegant link bracelets and delicate turquoise strands. IF you wish to shop turquoise bracelets, then Vorra fashion is your ultimate destination


  • Oval Turquoise turtle Style of Salman Khan Bracelet
    Oval Turquoise turtle Style of Salman Khan Bracelet
    item code - BF502062 currency 12600
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  • Oval Turquoise Style of Salman Khan Bracelet
    Oval Turquoise Style of Salman Khan Bracelet
    item code - BF502062-oval currency 10800
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The Turquoise Bracelet Designs

The most popular metal that widely used with this beautiful stone is sterling silver and cubic zirconium. Both metals capture the beauty of the stone. Turquoise has long been a prized gem throughout the world. Movie stars are wearing our products to accessorize their outfits. These Bracelets are used by famous Bollywood super star Salman Khan, and it is known as Salman Khan turquoise bracelets. While others masterfully adapt modern stylizations, creating unique turquoise jewelry and cuff bracelets set in sterling silver.
These collections are exquisite and elegant, and CZ turquoise bracelets are designed to make the wearer feel free-spirited and beautiful.

Our gorgeous collection of Turquoise Bracelets captures the heart and soul of the every CZ fashion jewelry! When you think of a cool & trendy bracelet, one of the first things that come to mind is Turquoise Bracelets from Vorra fashion. Vorrafashion provides one of the widely loved collections available.

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