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Best Adjustable Toe Ring Online

Adjustable toe rings are not only a prerogative of women; they were worn by men as well, to increase their masculinity and vigor. Toe rings had curative powers and wearing them on the second toe increased virility and fertility levels in men and women.

  • Heart Shape Toe Ring
    Heart Shape Toe Ring
    item code - OE159783-yellow currency 1250
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  • Black CZ Adjustable Toe Ring
    Black CZ Adjustable Toe Ring
    item code - OE0004-yellow currency 2350
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  • Heart Toe Ring
    Heart Toe Ring
    item code - OE0003_yellow currency 1200
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  • Sea Turtle Toe RIng
    Sea Turtle Toe RIng
    item code - P10459 currency 1500
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  • Solitaire Toe Ring
    Solitaire Toe Ring
    item code - OE0011 currency 1170
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  • Adjustable Toe Ring
    Adjustable Toe Ring
    item code - OE0003 currency 1200
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  • 14k Rose Gold Plated Heart Fashion Toe Ring
    14k Rose Gold Plated Heart Fashion Toe Ring
    item code - OE0010 currency 666
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  • Bypass Toe Ring
    Bypass Toe Ring
    item code - OE0002_Y currency 1270
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Adjustable Toe Rings Collection

 It is also believed that wearing adjustable toe rings in the vicinity of certain nerves increased the balance and health of the nervous system and reproductive system. As per yogic systems, the life force or prana flows through the body and to the toes. Women wore toe rings on both feet to regularize their menstrual cycle. It helped them to conceive and be productive during pregnancy. A silver toe ring is believed to have good conducting properties. It is believed that a silver toe ring can absorb polar energy from both the poles of the Earth. This type of energy provided constant refreshment and replenishment of energy resources within the body.
Toe rings were worn by married women to signify their marital status. Also called as Bichiya, the tradition of wearing adjustable toe rings by a married woman is still intact. Of late and over the past decade, toe rings are worn by unmarried women too. It is now an accessory that is part of contemporary fashion wear. Traditionally, Bichiyas were not made of gold as gold was considered a respected metal that may not be worn below the waist. But this has changed – because fashion has changed the way people think. Now there are plenty of toe rings or Bichiyas in precious metals and stones such as diamonds and rubies. Bichiyas are made of any type of metal – in fact, the trend is about wearing a bichiya which is fashionable - material is often an afterthought!

Reason of Wear Adjustable Toe Ring

At a point in time, and perhaps even today, toe rings form an integral part of a woman’s jewellery box in India. Though mostly ornamental it also has practical value attached to it.
The toe ring traditionally is worn on the second toe which is the longest and hence easier to slip it onto. This toe is also particularly significant as a nerve in it runs to the uterus an pressure on this toe helps in better conception and lesser pain during the menstrual cycle. It also signifies the married status of a woman and in many cultures a ritual is practiced during weddings where the groom puts the adjustable toe rings on his bride’s feet.
It is usually worn in pairs but is also available in sets for five for all the toes on a foot. They are traditionally crafted in silver as for Hindus wearing gold below the waistline is considered unholy. In modern day usage however, they are available in gold and with diamond studding too. Many women also wear big ornate adjustable toe rings with a glass on them. Unmarried girls are supposed to wear it on the third toe to help with their menstrual pain.
In some communities, men also wore adjustable toe rings to signify their marriage. Wearing it on their big first toe is supposed to improve masculine vigour. In ancient times when women were allowed to look men in the face, it was a practical way to distinguish married men from the unmarried ones.
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