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We are cubic zirconia jewelry manufacturer, and provide all products with wholesale prices. Our all jewellery designs are inspired by creative designing. These days everyone is comfortable with lightly weighted jewellery. So all our jewellery pieces are light weighted.


  • I Love You Ring Valentine Special Gift
    item code - YG013-R2_2_1 1470 882
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  • Infinity Design Fancy Pendant
    item code - sb42598p_1 3270 1962
    Know Wholesale Price
  • Pear Shape Gemstones Pendant
    item code - SB42544P_1 3025 1815
    Know Wholesale Price
  • Journey Pendant For Women
    item code - sb42542p_1 2679 1607
    Know Wholesale Price
  • Jumar Design Pendant
    item code - SB42541P_1 2781 1669
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  • Bypass Design Pendant
    item code - SB42520P_1 3090 1854
    Know Wholesale Price
  • Simple Wave Design Pendant
    item code - SB42507P_1 3571 2143
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  • Leaf Design Pendant
    item code - SB37102P_1 2845 1707
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  • Rose Flower Design Earrings
    item code - sb35494e_1 2643 1586
    Know Wholesale Price
  • Colorful Gemstones Pendant
    item code - SB12934P_1 3535 2121
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  • Aquamarine Stone Pendant
    item code - SB12938p_1 3437 2062
    Know Wholesale Price
  • Enamel Pendant with Swirl
    item code - SB37599P-1 2800 1680
    Know Wholesale Price
  • Pear Shape Earrings
    item code - sb37595E -1 2900 1740
    Know Wholesale Price
  • Ear Earrings For Girls
    item code - sb37594e-3 2800 1680
    Know Wholesale Price
  • Star Of David Design Pendant
    item code - SB37593P-3 2850 1710
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We provide bulk order options for resellers and small jewellery owners who want to start their own business. We offer complete jewellery range from pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and cz jewellery accessories.

Choose from hundreds of cubic zirconia jewelry wholesale trendy jewelry designs organized by categories to let you browse and select various fabulous styles and adorable designs with just a few clicks.

We also have a collection of everyday fashion jewelry to go with your office wear or weekend casual look. There is no matter of your outfit designs or fabrics because this type of jewellery makes you so attractive with western or casual outfits as well, we are here to provide you with the latest and trendiest fashion jewelry to help you stand-out among the crowd.

We offer prompt customer service, making sure that all your fashion jewelry orders are processed promptly. We also accept all major payment methods through a safe and secure website with free shipping. Enjoy hassle-free Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Wholesale Shopping every time you shop at VorraFashion.

The cubic zirconia jewelry wholesale is a great way to start your own business, and it is becoming popular because today is the time of entrepreneurship. So, everyone wants to be their boss.Vorra Fashion is the best place for fashionable jewellery like latest Pendant Set Designs, casual engagement rings and sterling silver princess crown ring with gorgeous designs.


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